Police Arrest Student for Distorting National Anthem Drop Charges

Rabat – Police in Ksar El Kebir arrested a student for allegedly “distorting the national anthem” while chanting with his comrades in the school. The director of Saada high-school called the police on Saturday, September 28, to report the incident.Police arrested the 17-year-old student to investigate the complaints filed by the director. After questioning him about his act, authorities decided to release him without charges. The director claimed the student’s act–distorting the national anthem– was a “disrespect to the nation.” He said such acts must be reprimanded and punished.The Ksar El Kebir section of the  Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH) condemned the prosecution of the minor.In a statement, AMDH said that the director’s act to call the police is unprofessional and non-pedagogical. The advocacy group maintained that the director’s complaint goes beyond all laws and norms governing the country’s educational institutions.The association also said it was surprised by the director’s behavior, noting that “he did not bother to listen to the student for clarification.”Read also: Moroccan Student to Participate in Dubai’s Arab Reading ChallengeIt added that the director must have reported the student’s behavior to the rest of the administrative and educational staff, and presented him to the discipline council within the high school instead of reaching out directly to the police. In a video posted on youtube, the student, Oussama Harik, denied the allegations. He claimed that he and the director have not been on good terms since last year.Harik spoke of internal disagreement at school, further clarifying that his standing out-of-raw while singing the national anthem made the director call him up to his office before the police arrested him. read more


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