BDP International Transportation Company Expands to Morocco

Rabat – BDP International, a global logistics and transportation corporation, has announced its intention to open its first Morocco office this month. On June 9th, the company issued a press release on its website,, in which head of North Africa and Turkey locations Fikret Ersoy described the benefits of operating from the kingdom. “Our customers based in Europe and the United States see Morocco as a safe harbor in North Africa with huge potential for additional business growth, and we recognize that opportunity for expansion,” he said.The Casablanca location is expected to provide “chemical/petrochemical, healthcare, energy, retail, oil and gas, and automotive industry customers with a wide array of services including: ocean/air export and import; export/import customs clearance; project logistics; ground transport; and warehousing/distribution,” according to the press release. It will be overseen by Country Manager Abderrahim Msaidi. Ersoy told Logistics Management that BDP has “been interested in Morocco for 3-4 years. Morocco has an important growth potential and also [takes a] logistics hub role in West Africa regions.” He lauded government efforts to increase foreign direct investment and free trade zones, citing “infrastructure, geopolitical position, and education level” as factors inspiring the company’s decision.Yves Letange, BDP’s Managing Director of Europe, North Africa and Turkey, called North Africa “one of the most vital regions for growth in the supply chain world,” and expressed his confidence in expanding to this region. Current BDP locations in North Africa include Tunis, Tripoli, Cairo, and the Canary Islands, among over 240 cities worldwide.Casablanca, Morocco’s largest port and city, is the economic capital of the kingdom. King Mohammad VI has often reinforced his commitment to making this city not just a national hub of trade and commerce, but a regional one as well. As the crossroads between Africa, Europe, and the Arab World, Morocco has historically held a key trade route. As the kingdom continues to develop, its importance to international trade routes is likely to increase.The Philadelphia-based company currently employs over 4200 people and generated over $2 billion in 2014. It also intends to open a Tangier office in September, making Morocco the only North African nation with BDP locations in two cities. read more


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