HANDBALL BOOK The bench perspective

Permanent education and everyday story about the improvement of work in handball is much easier when you have possibility to read and learn from adequate literature. Famous Croaitan University professor Zdravko Malic and RK C.O Zagreb’s coach Boris Dvorsek have made the english version of their book “HANDBALL – The bench perspective”, which is now ready for all handball coaches and lovers worldwide.– This book is result of rich experience in working with young players and speaking about the vital part of handball game, theorhy and metodic of tactical and technical part of handball,  giving coaches a wide range of possibilities for application in all aspects of attack and defense, using the principles of classification of individual, group and collective action. In the second part of the book, the author presents some important details about the preparation and conduct of the match, the model of a multi-year cycle, the training of younger age groups, and makes presentation of specific training of all ages in the weekly microcycle during the competition period, “- wrote in a review, with the conclusion:– Due to its simplicity and accessibility of style, the book can serve as a manual for students of coaching schools, camps handball, physical education teachers to work in schools, coaches have gotten all categories, players, and everyone who love handball.You can order your copy of the book with special price for all handball-planet.com visitors (with DVD). You can directly contact authors (their contacts are on photo) or by mail + [email protected] ← Previous Story Dutch star Sanne van Olphen to French Tylon! Next Story → HAND’FLUO IS BORN: New handball discipline invented in France Boris DvorsekHANDBALL BOOK read more


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