Davor Dominikovic in US Ivry

← Previous Story Jelena Eric from Randers to Zajecar! Next Story → Martin Heuberger a new German NT coach – Brand after Brand? Davor DominikovicFrench handballUS Ivry handball One of the experienced European handballer with the most impressive CV, Croatian defence specialist, Davor Dominikovic (33) signed three years contract with former French champion, US Ivry. Croatian left back, who played for Paris last season, decided to spent last part of his career in French handball League. He played for Zagreb, Metkovic, THW Kiel, F.C Barcelona, Kronau, Portland San Antonio and Algeciras.Dominikovic was also a part of the “golden years” of Croatian handball with Balic and C.o winning many medals from 2003….


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