Suresh claims torture chamber existed in Varani

Former Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran claims a torture chamber existed in Vara’ni in Jaffna.He made public photographs taken at the alleged torture chamber which shows blood stains on the walls. He said the chamber had barbed wire on the roof and blood stains on the walls and he had photographed everything but was not in a position to make it public, till now.Premachandran said that the UN Human Rights Council and the Government must ensure a proper investigation is conducted into the torture chambers operated by the military during and soon after the war. The former Parliamentarian said that he visited the camp as soon as the army shifted from the location and in one house he found a torture chamber. Premachandran said that the torture chamber was in an army camp which was later shifted to another location following public protests as the camp included several private homes taken over by the army. A UN team which visited Sri Lanka recently had revealed details of another torture chamber operated by the Navy in Trincomalee.Premachandran said that several torture chambers existed at several other locations as well, including in Mannar. (Colombo Gazette) read more