by FFWPU USA Rev Hyungtae Ha District Pastor Fr

first_imgby FFWPU USA, Rev. Hyungtae Ha, District PastorFrom September 30 to October 2, we held our second annual District 8 Young Adult Retreat. We wanted this retreat to leave the young adults in our community feeling fulfilled and empowered, so when we were introduced to the “Take Your Life On” program offered by David Young and Neil Rischl, we knew this would be the perfect fit.The retreat was held in Minnesota at the Timberhaze Retreat Center, which was a beautiful, isolated log cabin surrounded by nature. Thirty people gathered from Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas on Friday evening for a wonderful dinner followed by a powerful first session facilitated by David Young.We could feel the energy shift immediately and it was obvious that people were absorbing the presentation and making the experience their own. We were shocked to see how much we had learned about ourselves in just a couple hours with the weekend retreat only just beginning. Saturday was even more powerful and many of our young people came to deep realizations, identified personal struggles, and opened up shedding many tears. We were bonding as one big family and our young adults were able to share what has been on their hearts freely.In the afternoon we embarked on a day-trip up to Duluth, Minnesota where we rode the Alpine Coaster, a giant slide that twists and turns through a thick Minnesotan forest. After that, we drove to Split Rock Beach and shared a barbeque dinner on the pebbled shore of Lake Superior as the sun set. We then drove home and many people stayed up late playing games and sharing stories from the day.Our last day was all about setting goals. We made vision boards—pasting images of our life goals cut out from magazines onto poster boards—and participated in a goal declaration activity in teams.We concluded our weekend with a final activity of acknowledgement. Groups of 5-6 people were formed and each individual had an opportunity to share what they appreciated about each member of their circle. Tears were shed, hearts were warmed and I could feel that everyone felt loved and valued.Our retreat was concluded with proclamations of each individual’s goal. Overall the retreat was a huge success.If you have a story from your local community about recent youth activities or a successful program to share, please visit to let us know!last_img read more


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