New Transformer Prime will have upgraded display to compete with iPad 3

first_imgAndroid devices are released — and updated — at a furious pace. For example, let’s look at Asus: while initial availability of the Transformer Prime is still rolling out, Asus is already showing off an updated version of the tablet/netbook hybrid. While it isn’t exactly a full-fledged sequel, it does pack a big update in an important area. The (unfortunately named) Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF700T will have an updated display that is designed to compete with Apple’s Retina display iPad 3.Most of the Transformer Prime TF700T’s specs are the same as its predecessor. That means it will have a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, an 8MP rear camera, the same external chassis, and the same keyboard dock accessory. Its display, however, will jump from the Prime’s respectable 1280×800 all the way up to 1920×1200.The display upgrade is easily the most significant upgrade in the TF700T, but it isn’t the only upgrade. The “Transformer Prime Plus” (our nickname, not Asus’s) will also have a modified back panel, which will improve WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS reception (the Prime has been laden with GPS problems). The front camera also gets an upgrade, from 1.2MP up to 2MP.The iPad 3 will almost certainly get a 2048×1536 Retina display, and Asus knows it. Once that Retina iPad hits store shelves, customers may gravitate even farther towards it and away from Android tablets. Planning ahead with a similarly high-res display will help the Prime’s follow-up to maintain the appeal of the current Prime.One area where the Transformer Prime TF700T was upgraded isn’t likely to make customers happy. Its price will be jumping by $100 over the standard Prime. That means the 32GB version will run for $599, and the 64GB will ring up at $699. When you add the optional keyboard dock to the mix, it’s turning into quite the expensive purchase.The TF700T will be available in the second quarter of 2012 (spring or early summer). Perhaps that will give Asus enough time to come up with a more memorable name.* Note that the above image is a modified Transformer Prime promo image, not the TF700T.via Laptop Maglast_img read more


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