Warez ahoy Windows Phone 7 DRM has been broken

first_imgAn important aspect of any App Store is DRM, at least from a company’s perspective. After all, if you’re selling someone a piece of digital software, you don’t want them running to share that software with their friends. As such, DRM needs to be tightly integrated into the backbone of a smartphone to prevent pirating… and when that DRM is cracked, it’s a big deal.Bad news for Microsoft, then. It looks like the DRM tools set in place in Windows Phone 7 have just been cracked.AdChoices广告The cat’s not out of the bag quite yet, thankfully. The developer who has managed to circumvent the DRM of the Windows Phone Marketplace has just demonstrated the proof of concept program he’s used to show that it can be done. If that program were to make it out to the Internet at large, though, anyone would be able to strip the DRM from Windows Phone 7 apps and load them onto any device they want.Microsoft’s yet to comment on the discovered security hole, and it’s possible we’ll see a bit of cat-and-mouse in future Windows Phone 7 updates as Microsoft engineers struggle to close the whole, and hackers just open it back on up again. Either way, bad news for Microsoft, but at the very least they’re joining good company: it’s already possible to warez apps fairly easily on iOS, Android and webOS.Read more at Windows Phone 7last_img read more


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