Good consultation is key to managing staff redundancies

first_img Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos. A communications firm says using widespread employee information andconsultation has helped it successfully manage redundancies. Satellite communications company Inmarsat used a system of information andconsultation to cut its workforce, well in advance of European legislation thatwill demand employers discuss business issues with staff. The company used a committee of managers and staff to formulate a policywhen it recently needed to make 75 employees redundant. Debbie Jones, vice-president of business infrastructure at Inmarsat, saidthe Internal Shareholders Partnership was provided with all the details on thesituation, including the financial figures. “They had to actively formulate the policy the company was going touse. They weren’t just consulted; they had to contribute to the way it wasbeing done. “It was the first time they’d had to look at a negative subject, butthrough their discussions and negotiations, 99 per cent of the redundancieswere voluntary,” she said. The internal partnership was set up in 2000, and consists of 10 seniormanagers and 10 elected staff members who meet regularly to discuss all aspectsof the business. “It has achieved a level of trust that few businesses are able toreach, but with that comes a weight of responsibility on the company,”Jones said. The Information and Consultation Directive comes into force in 2005,requiring employers to consult more fully with staff on issues that affectemployment. Good consultation is key to managing staff redundanciesOn 29 Apr 2003 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Articlelast_img

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