PREMIERE: Brooklyn’s The Saturators Release Bangin’ New Single, “Not For You” [Studio/Live Video]

first_img[Photo:  Tucker W Mitchell] The Saturators are a Brooklyn/Harlem-based dance band that melds an astounding amount of genres to produce their own authentic and wholly unique sound. The group is made up of guitarist and producer Misha “Silky” Savage (Marc Cary’s Harlem Sessions, PitchBlak family), MC Redddaz (Brittany Campbell, Jadon), musical director and bassist Aiman Radzi, and percussionist Theo Moore, though frequently taps additional musicians for live collaborations including Matt Compo (keys), Colin Taylor (drums), Jennifer Nasciemento (vocals and percussion), Will Sacks (production and bass), Doron Lev (drums), and Angel Acevedo (drums and percussion). Dubbed “wet music,” the Saturators pull on Harlem’s vibrant hip-hop scene and Brooklyn’s underground basement parties and mixes it with tastes of Dancehall, Sosa, Cumbia, and 70’s funk to create their danceable and upbeat tunes that are guaranteed to get bodies moving on the floor.The Saturators have a new album in the works, appropriately dubbed Wet Music, which is due out in June. Ahead of its release, the band has been kind enough to share with us their latest single, a swinging number called “Not For You” featuring Black Tie Brass on horns. Misha Savage describes the song as “a romp through the eyes of a boozed-up bar patron” with “the band narrating the endgame of someone who’s too trusting of liquid confidence.” With clear afrobeat aspirations, this latest song from The Saturators is definitely one that you’ll want to hear, particularly because of the track’s a compelling lyrical narrative and its grinding yet playful musical base.Live For Live Music is proud to present the premiere of the studio recording of The Saturators’ “Not For You” in addition to the official Sofar Sounds video of the group performing the number live. Check out the studio version and the live version of “Not For You” below, then head over to the band’s website here for more information about this fiery group of performers!last_img

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