Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

first_imgMy favorite NASCAR driver is Dale Earnhardt, Jr.  His season came to an end several races ago when he developed concussion symptoms.  Most of the time, race car drivers have to be pried out of their cars. Even when they are injured to the point where they can barely walk, they still want to drive.  In some cases, they still do drive even with casts on body parts.I commend Dale for stopping before another concussion which might have been fatal.  For you younger NASCAR fans, Dale’s dad died in a race car from a head injury.  I am sure this has played a big part in Dale’s decision to sit out the rest of the year.  After all, Earnhardt makes a lot of money doing other things besides driving race cars.  He certainly won’t starve without another race this year.  I look forward to his return next season.last_img

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