Campus leaders voice support for US-Israel alliance

first_imgCampus leaders from 15 different student organizations signed a new statement that was published by Trojans for Israel online Sunday night in support of the United States-Israel relationship.President of Trojans for Israel Sarah Sax said the leadership statement, published every semester, has shifted its focus from previous semesters.Though the statement released last fall aimed to denounce the state of Iran’s efforts to obtain a nuclear weapon, the new statement focuses on promoting the importance of the United States’ relationship with Israel. The statement highlighted the similarities between the two nations, specifically their focus on democracy, innovation and social rights.“The idea was to really show students on campus that this is an issue that people of different backgrounds care about — business leaders, USC leaders and political leaders,” Sax said. “We tried to get a wide variety of people.”Signatories include College Democrats President Aaron Taxy, College Republicans President Maddy Lansky, 2012-13 USG President Mikey Geragos, 2012-13 USG Vice President Vinnie Prasad, 2013-14 USG President Kurth Park, 2013-14 Undergraduate Student Government Vice President Ryan Park, Black Student Association President Lamar Gary and Interfraternity Council President Ofek Lavian. In total, 22 signatures were collected.The signatures solely reflected the views of the individuals signing the statement, not the organizations they represent.For Sax, the statement reflects that the U.S.-Israel relationship is not only of importance to Trojans for Israel, but also to a wide variety of students on campus. It is this same sentiment that Sax said Trojans for Israel tries to convey when lobbying local officials.“It’s more powerful if students go lobby on an issue as important as the U.S.-Israel relationship,” Sax said. “They don’t get student lobbyists very often and since our group is very knowledgeable about the U.S.-Israel relationship, it not only makes [Trojans for Israel] look good, but also the student body.”last_img

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