A colossal and outrageous lie

first_imgDear Editor,In Charles Campbell’s letter dated 06.12.18 to a section of the media, captioned “Happy K&S are back promoting futsal but why is [Cliff Anderson Sports Hall] CASH being denied as host venue”, the individual in my estimation can best be described as a “confounded, consummate and an inveterate liar” to label Neil Kumar, former Director of the National Sports Commission (NSC), as: “hating football” which by extension and implication, a racist. Surely, I do hope the publication of this letter attracts the attention of the “Ethnic Relations Commission” and invites Campbell to a hearing. Wherein the individual must provide “circumstantial and supportive evidence “towards substantiating his claim”. Personally, I would advocate that Neil forgets his modesty and file a lawsuit against Campbell for defamation of character and slander. Neil, I would testify on your behalf! Editor, Neil Kumar is an individual who I’ve known for over three decades, since his days of activism as a member of the Progressive Youth Organisation (PYO). As a consequence, his “hatred for football” would have unfolded since then. During that period in the 80s while his party was in the opposition, they use to sponsor the (then) GFL-PYO Under-19 KO.The last winner was Campton FC, with Jermaine Smartt as the captain. The then (YSM) Beacons, with the likes of Andre Trotz, Jermain Scott, Mortimer Stewart and Dexter “JJ” Cort all displayed their skills, in numerous youth competitions, inclusive of the PYO Under-19 ahead of national representation; despite the YSM being associated with the People’s National Congress (PNC). Could Kumar have hated football and allowed the use of the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall for various Futsal competitions, including one being coordinated by a former PNC MP Lennox Arthur, also a former national player and coach? As a matter of fact, Arthur, the then Executive Coordinator of the Annual Mayor’s Cup benefited from Kumar’s generosity. Whereby the NSC’s 26-seater bus was made available in providing transportation for the Mayor’s Cup All Stars, return trip, from Georgetown to Moleson Creek. Previously, national football teams, along with club teams participating in the now defunct annual Kashif and Shangai KO, were also beneficiaries!Finally, years ago, while riding my cycle on the road, I had received a phone call from Kumar, inviting me to his office. Outlining my mode of dress wasn’t conducive, Neil indicated “still come”. With the security receiving the instruction, I proceeded to his office. Our discussion was the construction of an international size football ground, in the centre of the Leonora Athletic Track and Field Facility. I made my input and subsequently left. It became a reality. Could this individual have hated football? Prior to that discussion, theexact year, there were two finalists in the annual K&S KO finals at MSC, I can’t remember. But what I do know for sure, one of them was from the mining town of Linden. At that time, former President and Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo was the junior Finance Minister. Prior to the kick off of the finals, both Kumar and Jagdeo went on to the field of play for the introduction to both finalists.Unbelievingly, one of the two finalists from Linden, rubbed their “right hand in the muddy surface” of the ground to shake Jagdeo’s hands. After the introduction ceremony was over, both PPP/Civic MP’s upon being escorted to the VIP section of MSC sat for a few minutes before quietly and rightfully leaving. At that time, the then Guyana Football Association’s (GFA) general council meetings were held monthly. As a Georgetown Football League (GFL then) representative, my oral and written requests for disciplinary actions/sanctions to be imposed all fell on “deaf ears”; being outvoted. But Kumar and his Government still continued to assist football. The winner and runner-up prize monies and the respective trophies for the annual Kashif and Shangai KO; were compliments of the then President and Prime Minister respectively. This was extended for a significant number of years. In one instance, former Mayor Hamilton Green, in whose honour the annual Mayor’s Cup KO was being coordinated, winning prize money of $1,000,000 was sponsored by former President Bharrat Jagdeo and his Government.As a consequence, can it be construed that former NSC Director, Kumar and by extension his then government hate(d) football”? Editor, I shudder to accept that “myth, or figment of Campbell’s imagination”! In relation to the use of CASH for the four night of Futsal rivalry involving international teams representing the interest of Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname and Brazil are unfortunate that it can’t occur! But has the Sport Commission responded in the affirmative? With the concern expressed that the clock may be damaged, that is an issue I wouldn’t buy into wholesale since in the past, I can’t recall any damage. What of encasing the clock, with a protective material? Is the NSC Director, aware of the fact that “A Futsal ball, through smaller in circumference, does not bounce like the normal football? While an opposing team can be awarded a free-kick if the ball passes an unacceptable height aerially. Is it “overt politicking” being used, in the similar circumstance when there was a “clarion call” to boycott the K&S yearend tournament? Would the former NSC Director, have gone that route? What of contractual obligations and a security deposit, in the event of damages at CASH? By the way, the former NSC Director was extremely strict with the closing time of both the CASH and the gymnasium, unlike what transpires now, with the latter. Besides no alcoholic and non–alcoholic beverages could have been sold in glass bottles.Was verification sought from the letter writer of “Kumar’s hatred of football”? Is Campbell comfortable as a parent of an aspiring national footballer, of his role in (im)proper parental upbringing, with his resorting to “falsehood”!Respectfully yours,Lester Sealeylast_img

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