President leaves today for another round of chemotherapy

first_imgPresident David Granger will today leave for Cuba for another round of chemotherapy at the Centro de Investigaciones Médico Quirúrgicas (CIMEQ).This is his third medical visit to Cuba since November, when he was first diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, a type of cancer which develops in the lymphatic system.On Monday, the Head of State met with top officials of the Joint Services and with his Cabinet.The President and First Lady Sandra Granger had travelled to Cuba on October 30, 2018 to enable his undergoing medical tests after he had complained of feeling unwell. Days later, he was diagnosed with cancer.The lymphatic system is part of the immune system. It comprises of clear fluid called lymph, which contains infection-fighting white blood cells known as lymphocytes, and the lymphatic vessels through which it flows.The President was discharged from the hospital in Cuba on November 6, after undergoing a series of tests and surgical procedures. He returned to Guyana on November 20, after he was given approval by his medical team to travel. On December 4, the President left the shores of Guyana for a second time to continue his chemotherapy.Chemotherapy targets cells that grow and divide quickly, as cancer cells do. Unlike radiation or surgery, which targets specific areas, chemo can work throughout the body. But it can also affect some fast-growing healthy cells, such as those which make up the skin, hair, and bone marrow.In May of this year, Granger and the First Lady had travelled to Trinidad and Tobago to undergo what was referred to as their annual medical check-up.At the time, and in response to reports in the press, the Government had revealed that the couple did their examinations under a Caribbean medical insurance scheme at the Good Health Medical Centre. The results of those check-ups, Government had said, had indicated a clean bill of health.last_img

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