Steve Dilbeck: Postponed sports books that won’t hit the shelves

first_imgThink the publishing world has been rocked by the news Britney Spears’ mommy won’t have her guidebook on parenting released next spring? Just because it turned out her other daughter – 16-year-old Jamie Lynn – is pregnant? Alas, this insightful opus on Christian parenting in a tabloid world having to be permanently shelved is nothing new. Publishers are forced to setback the release of books all the time. You know, circumstances and all. “Bridging the Generation Gap,” By Jeff Kent. “Art of the Wide Stance,” By Sen. Larry Craig. “A Clear Plan for the Future,” By the Coliseum Commission. “Respecting the Roy Williams Rule,” By Roy Williams. “Playing to the Absolute End,” By Rory Sabbatini. “Pride in Academics,” By the Florida State Football Team. “It’s How You Play the Game,” By Bill Belichick. “Fly Me to the Moon,” By Lisa Nowak. “Dodging Controversy,” By Curt Schilling. “Art of the Big Deal,” By Bill Stoneman. “Secrets of the Ageless Athlete,” By Sam Cassell. “A Man of My Word,” By Nick Saban. “How to Make Words Work for You,” By Miss Teen South Carolina. “Conquering the Colonies,” By Ricky Hatton. “Making My Hometown Proud,” By Marion Jones. “Hairstyles for a New Millennium,” By Chris Kaman. “How to Kick Men’s Butts,” Michelle Wie. “Contentment in Retirement,” By Bill Parcells. “A Man’s Best Friend,” By Michael Vick. “Miked and Loving it,” By Jerry Sloan. “Rating Athletes’ Girlfriends,” By Terrell Owens. “Nothing But the Best,” By Donald Sterling. “Saying it With a Whisper,” By Steve Hartman. “Success With Honor,” By Isiah Thomas. “I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Consensus,” By Bud Selig. “A Motivational Speaker’s Handbook,” By Karl Dorrell. “A Falcon For Life,” By Bobby Petrino. “Knowing When to Keep Quiet,” By Shaquille O’Neal. “Mr. Excitement – the Grady Little Story” “Saving Soccer in America,” By David Beckham. “When Talk-Show Hosts Support Writers” “I’ll Do Anything to Beat Pete Carroll,” By Norm Chow. “Curse of the Paparazzi,” By the Anaheim Ducks. “Never Blame the Dog,” By Jonathan Papelbon. “The Evils of Binge and Purge,” By the Florida Marlins. “Gay Athletes in Iran,” By Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. “Playing by the Rules – the NASCAR Story” “Never Drink and Drive,” By Jerry Buss, with a special foreword by Mel Gibson. “Tennis is My Life,” By Serena Williams. “This is Our Year,” By the Dallas Mavericks. “No Place for Gambling in the Sports Section,” By L.A. Times Editors. “We Need Another Bowl Game,” By the NCAA. “All Eyes on the Playoffs,” By Garret Anderson. “You Can’t Argue With Numbers,” By the BCS organizers. “It’s Not About the Money,” By Phil Jackson. “My Love Affair With Insects,” By Joba Chamberlain. “Making it on My Own,” By Bode Miller. “The Curse of Laterals,” By the Trinity Football Team. “It’s How You Finish – the Story of the 2007 Mets” “I Spit on Mid-Major Football Programs,” By Bob Stoops, foreword by Lloyd Carr. “Swimming My Way to Sobriety,” By David Hasselhoff. “You’re Nobody If You Don’t Win – the Story of the 2007 Galaxy” “Making the Kings a Winner,” By Tim Leiweke. “The Art of Denial,” By Barry Bonds. “An Appreciation of Rutgers Women’s Basketball,” By Don Imus. [email protected] local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Why, even the world of sports had to see several books delayed this year. If that Spears’ piece ever hits the local book stores, it could be competing with these postponed sports books: “Knowing What You Want,” By Kobe Bryant. “Natural Fitness After 40,” By Roger Clemens, with a special foreword by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. “Starting a Second Career,” by Scott Niedermayer. “They Call Me Ref,” By Tim Donaghy. last_img

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